The Most Common Knitting Questions

Here at LoveKnitting our customer service team is named Smiles, and that's our goal: to have you smiling at all times! One of our lovely Smiles team members was kind enough to sit down to give you an inside look at what it's like to help knitters around the world!

The Smiles team gets lots of questions from knitters, on topics like yarn substitutions, patterns, and more. Here are 12 of the most common questions and comments we receive:

I'm not sure what to knit!

Lost your inspiration? There are so many fabulous patterns to choose from, but sometimes it's just hard to decide what to knit next! Our advice is to start knitting something - it may not be your dream knitting project, but if you start knitting a scarf or favorite hat, or shawl, or a new pair of socks, those things will always be useful! And, as we know as knitters, once you are knitting one thing, you'll almost immediately see something a pattern you want to knit next!

knitting socks

What can I knit with one skein of yarn?

It all depends on the weight of the yarn and the size of the skein! If you have one 100g skein of lace weight or 4ply (fingering) yarn, it is plenty for a beautiful shawl or a pair of socks! If you have a 100g ball of chunky or super chunky yarn, you could make a pair of wrist warmers or a hat; with a 100g ball of aran weight yarn, you would be able to make a pair of mittens or a hat and a couple of mug cozies, a purse, bookmarks, dishcloths or a small toy. 100g of DK yarn will make a cowl, a pair of socks or a baby cardigan or a cover for a tablet.

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What can you do with French knitting?

French knitting produces a fabulous long cord of knitting that you can use for edging, for bag handles, or to write words on a project like a cushion cover! Stitch the cord into the shape of a name or a heart, or flower!  If you coil the cord and stitch it flat, you can make coasters and table mats, cushion covers or even little animal toys - and if you coil the cord spirally, you could make a little pot to store buttons or stitch markers.

french loom doll

What can you knit on a round loom?

A round loom is most often used to make hats, and you can make different sized hats by using different diameter looms.  Small diameter round looms can also be used to make socks or double thickness scarves.

loom knitting hat


Not sure what to knit for your boyfriend? 

It depends how much you love him! Socks, hats, mittens and cowls are small projects that are easy to finish and are the best starter projects for boyfriends. A first sweet gift is a mug cozy or tablet cover.  If you're not superstitious, knit him a sweater! The 'Sweater Curse' is a well documented knitted phenomenon - knit your boyfriend a sweater and the relationship is doomed! If you are very smoochy and sentimental, knit him a toy, or a heart shaped cushion!

mens knitted mittens

What do you need to knit?

If you're a beginner, our advice is to start with an aran or chunky yarn and a pair of 5 or 6mm needles and use our tutorial videos to learn how to cast on, knit and cast off.

What to knit when you're expecting!

At the beginning of your pregnancy, you might not feel like knitting at all, but as soon as you feel better, it can help to plan some fun knitting projects to take you through to full term! Baby cardigans and sweaters are wonderful fun to knit, especially if you are giving birth in a cooler season. Booties and tiny socks are finished fast, and baby hats are very useful to have ready for newborns. If you're feeling adventurous, knit some baby toys, but be careful to use only safety eyes or embroidered features.
If you love knitting larger projects, knit a couple of baby blankets that you can have at the ready when baby is born - knitting two will mean there is always a spare to use when one is in the wash!  Use yarns that are soft, washable and baby friendly.

What can I knit with circular needles?

Circular needles are mostly used to knit seamlessly in the round - a technique that works well for hats, sleeves, and the body section of sweaters. Extra long circular needles can be used for knitting small projects in the round, like socks, using the Magic Loop technique. Circular needles are also perfect for working on very wide projects like baby blankets or cardigans that are knitted in one piece - you just use them like straight needles, working back and forth.

Not sure what to knit with cotton yarn?

Cotton yarn is perfect for summer projects: warm weather jumpers and cardigans, everyday garments for children and homeware. Dishcloths, face cloths and table mats are great cotton projects that wash well, and cotton throws for garden picnics and parks are great fun to knit! Cotton works well for toys, and for anyone who is vegan or who has sensitivities to animal fibres.

What can I knit with leftover yarn?

We knitters love to use up our stash! Save your leftover yarn and store in bags of the same weight to save time sorting through! You can make pom poms, small projects like purses, or work on a leftovers blanket of squares or stripes! Toys use small amounts of yarn, and you just never know when you need to make a tiny jumper for a teddy! Christmas decorations look fabulous in multi-colored selections too!

mini paintbox ball yarn

Not sure what to knit for a man? 

Chunky or bulky socks are ideal for cold weather, and will knit it up in no time! Cozy hats and cowls can be invaluable for long walks or sporting events, and fingerless gloves are a great gift for men young and old. Focus on color and choose something that your recipient will wear!

Can I knit or crochet on a plane?

The simple answer is yes! We would suggest you take bamboo or wooden needles/hooks with you on a flight, because they look less capable of causing harm. Read more in our detailed article here!

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