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    Sale by LoveKnitting

    Paintbox Knitting Yarns Sale

    Save on Paintbox Yarns

    We have discounts on Paintbox Yarns till the end of the month. Take this chance to fill up your stash!

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    Yarn Spotlight by LoveKnitting

    Debbie Bliss Knitting Yarn

    Debbie Bliss is back!

    Shop NEW and your favourite yarns and patterns. Click to discover Debbie's full range.

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    Interview by LoveKnitting

    Debbie Bliss interview

    The Debbie Bliss Story - A tale of grit, determination and creativity

    We’re in Walthamstow, North East London for the day to film Debbie Bliss to discover her journey as a knitwear designer. Debbie is sitting on her bright pink sofa...

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    Guide by LoveKnitting

    Paintbox Knitting Yarns and Patterns

    New Paintbox Pastel Sweetness Collection and Metallic DK

    It’s time to give your knitting a colour boost! Paintbox has just released a fun-loving, artistic pattern collection full of rainbow shades alongside Metallic DK, the newest member of the Paintbox family.

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    Project Pick by LoveKnitting

    Knitted baby fox hat

    Fox Hat made by Na Yeo

    This beautiful knitted hat is is one of our fave projects of the weekend - take a closer look!

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    Accessories by LoveKnitting

    Buttons for knitting

    Huge range of buttons

    Have you had a look at the button holes and button bands tutorial? Well you can get all your buttons right here too.

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    Tutorial by LoveKnitting

    Knitting tutorial button bands

    Button bands and button holes

    Looking to relax this weekend knitting? Why not learn how to make different sized button holes in our clear and easy video!

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    Pattern Collection by LoveKnitting

    Hot and Trending Knitting Patterns

    Hot and Trending

    Looking for some patterns ahead of the weekend. Take a look at what's hot and trending across the site. See a pattern you like? Why not queue it up for the making by adding it to your favourites, just click the heart icon.

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    Yarn Thoughts by LoveKnitting

    Wool Knitting Yarns

    Wool Yarns

    This morning we've been thinking about wool. Cosy, chic and a joy to work with. Check out all our wool yarns!

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    Guide by LoveKnitting

    Amazing knitting patterns for your home

    Amazing knitting patterns for your home

    We all love knitting scarves, hats, and sweaters, but every once in a while it can be refreshing to take on a new creative challenge. Why not try knitting something to make your house feel more like a home?