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    Yarn Spotlight by LoveKnitting

    Plymouth Yarns | Brand Spotlight

    Plymouth Yarns

    Plymouth Yarns have been distributing yarn since 1964! Staffed by avid knitters and crafters, the yarn has a very tough audience to please, which is why they are so distinctively beautiful!

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    Pattern Pick by LoveKnitting

    Halloween Chic Knitting Patterns

    Chic Little Pumpkins by Rachel Borello Carroll

    These chic pumpkins would look amazing above the fireplace, accenting a coffee table, or on a window sill. Where would you put these little guys?

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    Sale by LoveKnitting

    Save up to 25pc on wool yarns

    Save up to 25pc on wool yarns

    Gifted to us from our fuzzy fleecy friends, nothing compares to working with natural wool. Classic and chic, wool manages to be as diverse as it is distinct in the yarn world - shop now and save up to 25pc on wool and wool mix yarns!

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    Interview by LoveKnitting

    Debbie Bliss interview

    The Debbie Bliss Story - A tale of grit, determination and creativity

    We’re in Walthamstow, North East London for the day to film Debbie Bliss to discover her journey as a knitwear designer. Debbie is sitting on her bright pink sofa...

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    Free Pattern Pick by LoveKnitting

    Free Wrist Warmers Knitting

    The Essential Knitted Wristwarmers by Paintbox Yarns

    Checkout these wrist warmers you just won't want to take off!

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    Collection by LoveKnitting

    Knitting for Christmas

    Gifts for Christmas

    It's official! The countdown has begun. What holiday gifts are you casting on this season??

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    Pattern Spotlight by LoveKnitting

    Paintbox free knitting patterns

    Free Paintbox knitting patterns

    A catalogue of patterns to endlessly inspired you, designed to work with Paintbox Yarns, an affordable and flexible yarn choice.

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    Exclusive Pattern Pick by LoveKnitting

    Exclusive Knitting Pattern Kirstin Kapur

    East River Beanie by Kirsten Kapur

    A new exclusive pattern from designer Kirsten Kapur just launched!

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    Guide by LoveKnitting

    How to substitute yarn fibres loveknitting knitting lovecrafts crafts

    How to substitue yarn fibres

    If you are substituting a yarn for a new project, it’s important to get it right. In this handy guide, learn how to substitute yarn fiber by exploring how different fibers behave.

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    Competition by LoveKnitting

    Yarn competition

    Create a festive collection and you could win it all!

    On the 16th September we’re officially counting down to Christmas (just one hundred days eek!). To celebrate, we’re giving you the chance to win your fabulous festive collection of yarns, patterns and holiday makes...