Knitting for home

Week two of Indie June is here and this time Nikki Poulton is talking colour. From bright to demure, intricate design to bold blocks, stripes to fair isle, whatever your palette or knitting skill level, discover tips and new techniques with our top colour video tutorials, not to mention an interview with the fabulous designer Fiona Alice, whose charming whimsical designs have us just swooning. For more inspiration why not explore our range of colourwork patterns.

Colourwork Knitting

Colourwork knitting refers to all knitting that uses two or more colours per row/round. There are many specific kinds of colourwork knitting, including Fair Isle from the Shetland Isles and Lopapeysa from Iceland.

I was drawn into my first colourwork project by all the glorious new colourwork yoke patterns that were popping up. But my first project was far smaller - a pair of traditional Norwegian mittens. I was pretty dubious about the technique when I cast on, sure it was going to be far too intricate for someone like me, who likes a certain mindlessness to her knitting. But then I completed my first round. Rather like turning a heel for the first time, your first colourwork project will make you feel like a superhero.

The colours you use are definitely where the magic happens. Go for high contrast - the pattern will pop and the colours will sing.

New to colourwork? Give Stranded Fair Isle a go!

Colour Lover

While those colourwork yoke sweaters are alluring, I'd recommend starting small with a hat or mittens. But once you've got the technique down, cast on as many colourwork sweaters as your heart desires.