Emma's Spring Cardigan

I made this for My daughter Emma

Created by: Nicole A

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    I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) in 2007 and severe degenerative disc disease, up until last year my pain has been excruciating and my mobility had decreased significantly causing an agony so great swirled with depression that it was a daily struggle to play with and care for my little girl.

    My best friend introduced me to the world of knitting last February and although it took me quite a few months to fight through the pain I quickly fell in love with the craft. The projects I was able to create for myself and my loved ones truly brought so much joy into my life.

    Knitting became my relief not just physically but emotionally too, i noticed my pain and stiffness decreased dramatically and my mind became sharper! My depression melted away.

    It was my ultimate therapy! knitting did for me what no medication or treatment had ever done before.

    I promised my little girl I would make her a sweater and this month I finally kept that promise.



    • material-yarn
      Expression Fiber Arts - Blackberry Cheesecake

    Needles & Hooks

    • Circular 2.75mm (US 2)
    • Circular 3.75mm (US 5)



    craft-knitting Knitting

    Skill Level

    difficulty Intermediate


    project-state Complete
    Started on: Mar 15, 2017 Finished on: Mar 20, 2017
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    • Linda W

      Knitting is magic: knitters make love out of string and sticks. :-) I'm glad knitting has brought you such comfort, both physically and mentally. I struggle with depression, too, and have found both the creative and meditative aspects of knitting to be helpful. I wish you continued improvements to your health. Happy knitting!