Knitting for Bump 2

I made this for My baby Bump!

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    I started maternity leave towards the end of a complicated pregnancy at the start of March. My due date was the 13th and as of today (19th) i'm still waiting on my bundle... This is just one of several baby knits I've made over the month!

    The last couple of weeks in particular have been difficult with a lot of lower back and pelvic pain leaving my very limited in my movements.

    Knitting has given me a distraction from the pain, kept me sane and will, I hope help keep me grounded and mindful through early labour! It has also helped keep me occupied through sleepless nights and lengthy fetal monitoring sessions in the hospital!


    Tristan Cardigan


    Notes: Newborn size, no adjustments!



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    Started on: Mar 14, 2017 Finished on: Mar 18, 2017
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