Noah's blue penguin

I made this for my grandson, Noah

Created by: Jean J

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    It all started in 2013 when I was feeling quite depressed following the death of both my parents, retirement and a general feeling of displacement. I didn't want to meet people or go out and I couldn't concentrate to read. I got out the old knitting needles and knitted a pair of socks for my son-in-law. 'No-one's ever knitted me anything before,' he exclaimed with tears in his eyes. Second son-in-law was unexpectedly jealous: who would ever have thought he would wear handknit socks! I realised I had not only rediscovered an old pleasure but that there were people out there who appreciated handmade gifts. Gradually I rediscovered my confidence and a sense of purpose. This Christmas, I bought story books for my two grandsons and on an impulse, decided to make the main character from each of the books. Noah's book is a story about a blue penguin and this is the massive version I designed as a kind of substitute pillow. He loves it!

    Needles & Hooks

    • Single Point 6.00mm (US 10) 30cm


    • Tapestry Needle
    • Stitch Markers
    • Stuffing
    Other : I embroidered the eyes once the penguin was complete.


    Notes: The finished penguin is 50cm tall and 30cm wide. I had to decide on proportions from pictures in a book and had a couple of false starts but in the end I was happy with the toy.



    craft-knitting Knitting

    Skill Level

    difficulty Intermediate


    project-state Complete
    Started on: Nov 15, 2016 Finished on: Dec 20, 2016
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