Spindrift Cardigan

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Created by: Mary H

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    The combination of this pattern with the colorway I chose is tricky, because of the color variation in the yarn. It was not possible to make the back and the two separate front pieces match colorwise, because the repeat on the two sides would be twice the depth of the back, which was two times the width of each. But I tried to make the two fronts start the color repeat in similar places, by winding down into the balls until it looked close. It is a far from perfect match, the left and right fronts, but it is better than if I left it to chance and knitted through the balls without adjusting. In order to match the color in the ribbing on both sleeves, I had to frog my gauge swatch. Plenty of yarn left, but not the right place in the color repeat.

    Needles & Hooks

    • Single Point 4.00mm (US 6) 20cm
    • Single Point 6.00mm (US 10) 30cm


    • Buttons
    • Stitch Markers
    • Tapestry Needle


    Notes: Medium - with extensive math to work with my gauge. 24" from neck to bottom, 37" bust, 7" shoulder, 5 1/2 " underarm, 16" from underarm to bottom. Main modification was rough attempt to match the color repeats by skipping sections of the yarn. Left and right fronts sort of match, sleeves sort of match each other, and button bands were from the medium color range of the colorway. As a result, 450 yards remain of the yarn, in several partial skeins.


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    difficulty Beginner


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    Started on: Jun 21, 2017 Finished on: Jul 31, 2017
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    • Joanne P

      I think you did a beautiful job! I was wondering what the multi-colour versions of this yarn looked like knitted up and I love it. Thanks so much for posting this!
    • Alison B


      Beautiful cardigan,gorgeous colour