Blue Jeans

I made this for for my grandson's first birthday.

Created by: Susi W

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    sorry, the pattern is called, "Blu" by Cristina Bernardi Shiffman and Kay Gardiner
    taking way too long to finish these, many projects in between, they turned out to be so nice and even fit him!

    Needles & Hooks

    • Single Point 4.00mm (US 6)


    • Stitch Markers
    • Tapestry Needle
    • Buttons


    Notes: I added the leather tag, the crocheted red tag, the real jean button and studs on the pockets, the back pockets too.


    • Trousers & Leggings
    • Babies
    • Boys
    • Girls



    Skill Level



    Started on: Jul 1, 2015 Finished on: Jan 16, 2016
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    • Denise C

      What a neat idea! Excellent job on a very creative project. I too would love to see them on your grandson. Knit on!
      • Susi W

        hi denise, take a look, i put him on there! thank you for looking.
    • Susi W

      hi wendy, got two pictures of corvin in his jeans. the cardigan sweater is for this year!
      thank you again!
    • Susi W

      Thank you Wendy. I will. Still trying to figure out how to reply. Question marks keep popping up.
    • Wendy, Vermont

      Essex Junction

      Knitted blue jeans...what a great idea! I love the personal label on the back pocket, and the added top stitching on the waistband. Please post a picture of your grandson in them when you get a chance.
      • Susi W

        I did get a picture of my grandson wearing the jeans. And, I'm still trying to figure out how to do this site correctly. Thank you for comments. :)