Clementine Hoodie

I made this for My friend's little girl, Annie

Created by: Kate

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    It's a three button hoodie, knitted bottom up. I knitted it on circulars, but flat. I loved knitting this - the hood especially, it's a feather and fan pattern and it looks gorgeous,

    The yarn was so amazingly soft as well, was the first time I'd worked with Millamia yarn before and I loved the quality of the yarn and found the colour really nice - it was a pinky grey, girly but also very chic!


    Finished chest: 20¾ in

    Notes: I made a mistake on the trim (where the buttons are) I started in reverse stocking stitch, but it should have been knit stitch. I changed halfway through, but I don't feel like it's too obvious.


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    Started on: Dec 26, 2015 Finished on: Feb 13, 2016
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