Four Bunnies Blanket

I made this for Ronnie Ray

Created by: Claire W

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    I made this for my new nephew


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    Started on: Jun 25, 2016 Finished on: Aug 19, 2016
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    • Tracy H

      Hi. I have made this blanket and am really pleased with it but cannot work out how to darn the bunny tails, I don't understand the pictures in the design and cannot find instruction on the Internet, I'm really struggling with it, could anyone help me understand how to darn the tails please
    • Alison B


      Beautiful,absolutely stunning x
    • Clare L


      Hi I'm also knitting this ... when you were half way through the bunnies did the knit stitch shaping in the middle of the purl rows stand out quite a lot? Mine currently looks like I've gone wrong but I'm hoping as the bunny is finished it will all come together! Thanks for your help!
      • Claire W

        Hi Clare, I did knit it exactly to the pattern and the design was clear once I'd finished it, Claire
    • Barbara L

      Thanks so much for your reply Claire and advice, will give it my best shot!
    • Barbara L

      Gorgeous Claire! I'm in the process of doing the exact blanket, not long now till finish, was wondering how you blocked yours? Am new to blocking and understand there's different ways for different yarns. I am using the yarn stated in the pattern. I am also struggling a little with the embroidery on the tails but haven't given up on this yet. You've done a great job!
      • Claire W

        Hi Barbara, I blocked mine using Eucalan and blocking pins on a blocking mat which gave a flat finish. I embroidered the tails on afterwards. I adapted the technique shown. Let me know if you need any more advise, Claire
    • Mina

      Love the blanket. Will be adding it to my favourites for next project
    • Lorraine M

      Hi Claire, did you use the standard needles or the circular needles? Many thanks
    • Simon G


      This is beautiful Claire
    • Wool Gatherer

      Oh look at it! It looks so good Claire
    • Sarah B

      How cute!!! yours is so lovely
    • Jami L


      I love this blanket! So adorable :)