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    My cupcakes are an evolution. Seven years ago I decided to eliminate alcohol from my daily life. I have always been a knitter but I became one in earnest with that decision. I knit away my addiction. Without knitting I don't think I could have been successful. I am leading a happier, healthier life and I attribute much of my success to knitting. The cupcakes have become a new obsession. My first was the fluffy chocolate. Since then I've come up with a plethora of flavors and textures: Lemon, Confetti, Candy Apple, Jolly Rancher, Jelly Beans, Strawberries & Cream, Razzleberry, Blue Moon, Pearl Jam, Dreamsicle, Oreo Mint, Pistachio, Black Forest, Neapolitan, and more! I do sell them at The Vintage Loft in Navarre, MN. For awhile, I had an Etsy shop. But mostly I give them away to spread some joy! They are the perfect birthday gift! I am constantly keeping an eye out for fun yarns and new flavors. A pretty cupcake with no calories!



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    Started on: Oct 7, 2010
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    • Dorothy S

      Pigeon Lake

      Love the confetti yarn icing! Nice instead of a card that goes in the garbage and can be used as a pincushion also!