Daily Knitting Inspiration

  • The Yarn Collective

    How To by The Yarn Collective

    Women for women how to make a friendship bracelet

    Make a friendship bracelet in support of your sisters worldwide!

    This International Women’s Day, we're showing our support for Women for Women International. Join us by making a friendship bracelet in support of your sisters around the world.

  • Paintbox Yarns

    Inspiration by Paintbox Yarns

    Colour your world with paintbox

    Colour your world with Paintbox Yarns

    Durable, affordable and with a shade to suit every mood, Paintbox is your new BFF, your daily dose of sunshine, your stash staple. Say hello to the one and only, Paintbox Yarns!

  • loveknitting


  • loveknitting


  • Paintbox Yarns

    Quiz by Paintbox Yarns

    Paintbox quiz

    Hue are you?

    Which hue represents your personality? Take our quiz to find out if you're a serene blue on the search for inner peace or a zesty yellow spreading happiness wherever you go!

  • Paintbox Yarns

    Guide by Paintbox Yarns

    Red yarns and patterns

    Paint the town red!

    Whatever your red - from deep burgundy to sweet chilli, wear it with passion! Here's our guide to knitting in red.

  • loveknitting

    FREE & exclusive pattern by LoveKnitting

    Free legwarmers pattern

    Manitou Leg Warmers by Toni L.

    Try these Tunisian crochet leg warmers that use the traditional Fair Isle technique. Have fun with Paintbox shades and play with little details to make them your own!

  • Paintbox Yarns

    FREE Pattern by Paintbox Yarns

    Paintbox top free pattern

    Happy Halter Top in Paintbox Yarns Metallic DK

    Show off your shoulders with this snappy Happy Halter Top! Fun to wear and fun to knit - a simple garter stitch with feather and fan lace panels, a perfect project for an adventurous beginner.

  • Paintbox Yarns

    Paintbox Yarns

    Paintbox Yarns Greens

    Paintbox Yarns Go for Green!

    Do you love gorgeous greens? From Pistachio to Grass, to deep Racing Green - color your world with Paintbox Yarns

  • loveknitting

    Guide by LoveKnitting

    Green yarns and patterns

    Knock it out of the park

    You guessed it, this week we're GREEN with envy. And we have another fantastic guide for you. Enjoy!