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These mitts may seem plain at first glance, but upon closer inspection there are signs of good and/or evil hidden on each hand, and eyes on the palms which can be protective or demonic!

Use illusion knitting (which is made of just knits and purls) to hide a star or a pentagram on each hand, so when you hold your hand out to a viewer, the shape will reveal itself. Make one hand good and the other evil, or just go all out with one or the other on both hands, if you prefer.

Use twisted and slipped stitches to put eyes on both palms; hold your hand out to an evil-doer as symbolic protection, or put your hands up to your face to turn your mitts into an instant creepy costume.

The eye on your palm can have good or evil meanings:

Hold an eye outwards towards someone looking at you with malice, to ward off the evil eye - there are many cultures with beliefs about the evil eye, and with eye symbols meant to protect from it. Several cultures even combine hands with protective eyes,
Independent Designer
Lee Meredith
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