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Designed for you by passionate knitters, the LoveKnitting App was made to make your life easier. Toss the crumpled pages of paper, sticky notes, and broken pencil tips! Simply download one of our amazing app-exclusive free patterns, any other of the thousands of patterns on our site, or import a pattern from your LoveKnitting pattern library. Use your iPad or iPhone to do everything you need. We have a row counter, marker, a highlighter, eraser, and sticky notes to help you keep track of your progress. Forget about pulling out the magnifying glass to see those tiny printed patterns, our zoom tool makes everything easy to see. Our Library and Collections allow you to store all of your patterns and access them from anywhere -- be it at home, in the car, or even during one of cousin Larry’s boring stories. So ditch the paper pages along with the pens, pencils, and other tools, and let the LoveKnitting App do all the work for you.

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