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I got the inspiration for this dress from a Duplet magazine. This is more of a tutorial than a pattern with specific size changes. In this pattern I have drawn out a schematic for the front and back showing how it needs to be constructed. I give you the patterns for the motif and have Lettered them for the different sizes that you need. This dress is made in one piece with stacked motifs that are joined as you go. While it may seem like a daunting task to take on, you will without a doubt yield a beautiful result! The motifs start in the front in one strip then you add motifs on to the sides of that strip. After that you add more stacked motifs to the sides near the top then whipstitch together. Right on the only seam you make, you then continue to make another strip of stacked motifs that make up the back. Once you have finished your circular motifs, you then work in between the front and back strips to fill in with filet mesh where you will make your increases. This is meant to be
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brandi isham
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