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I’ve always been a worrier (that’s WORRIER, not WARRIOR!). Picture a long scroll of paper, the end fading out somewhere into eternity; written on it, are my worries. Usually I concentrate on the top 3 things, which vary from day to day. Frequently the Top Worry actually turns out not to be a problem and miraculously disappears, but then the Next Worry immediately bubbles up to take its place anyway. That’s what inside MY head is like!

Most of these worries are about change. Some are minor, requiring a little damage control; others are Capital C Changes which could shake the foundations of my world: People leave, beloved places are lost forever, familiar situations and relationships change - often not in a good way.

I was once required to attend a Motivational Class called “Embracing Change.” I think the point was that we should be adventurous, and open ourselves up to the new and wonderful things which Change can bring. I wasn’t buying it; when friends around

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