Changing colors in knitting

Knitting with different colors is fun. The simplest way to introduce color is to work in stripes, working with one color at a time to create a single fabric. Here's how you join a new color:

Step by step

  1. Insert the needle into the first stitch, loop the new color over the tip of the right hand needle and knit with first stitch.
  2. Pick up the short length, taking it under the long length and place it on needle.
  3. Knit the next stitch with the long length catching the short length.
  4. Then, holding the shorter length down, knit the next stitch catching the short end a second time.
  5. Repeat, weaving the end over 8 stitches until it is secure.

Pro tip

Avoid joining yarns in the middle of the row as it can be difficult to prevent the knot and loose ends from showing. Don’t work the old and the new yarn together for a few stitches in order to secure ends. This will give it a double thickness and create an uneven fabric.

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