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The mathematical concept of chirality is defined as "the property of a figure not being identical to its mirror image" This name suits the lace pattern in this infinity scarf in two ways - though attractive on both sides of the fabric, it is not technically "reversible" in the sense that the sides are not identical. Also, within the lace pattern itself, diamond shapes are formed in which the top half is formed differently than the bottom half. What I really like about it is that one side feels more geometric or architectural to me, while the other side feels more organic. However you see it, and whichever side you choose to face out, you'll never need to worry if the "wrong side" is showing to the world!

In heavier fingering yarn bases, sich as the Hazel Knits Artisan, the larger version uses almost the entire skein with only a few yards to spare. Notes are included in the pattern about this and how to adapt if necessary...

This pattern had its first release at Bobbin's Ne

Independent Designer
Jennifer Chase-Rappaport
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