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The Christmas Morning Vest is a nod to the beautiful tweed sweaters knit up by everyone’s favorite magical mom. If you’re a fan of the series, you’ll know that Mrs. Weasley knits up a sweater for each child as a Christmas gift.

I would need enchanted knitting needles to accomplish that! That’s why this is such a great compromise! You end up with a similar aesthetic, without having to knit all those sleeves!

Included: -Directions to knit 18 szs from 6 mo up to Adult 4X with schematics -An entire page of Shaping Suggestions(for women especially) -52 Custom Designed “Magical” Letters full alpha in Adult & Child scale, plus blank charts to design your own

Your PDF download will come complete with the pattern (p.1-8) and all letter charts (p. 9-22) included. Use this guide to print only the sheets you need:

Adult Letters: ABCD (9); EFGH (10); IJKL (11); MNO (12); PQRS (13); TUVW (14); XYZ (15) Child Letters: ABCD (16); EFGH (17); IJKL (18); MNO (19); PQRS (20); TUVW (21); XYZ (22)

Independent Designer
Jennie Santopietro
Yarn Weight
Aran, Worsted
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Skill Level
Featured Yarn
If adding the initial, you will need a small amount of contrasting yarn (black or white, or whatever looks nice and shows up well against your vest)

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