Coffee Curtains


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Independent Designer
Gina Gungor
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I am an avid coffee drinker. If a person could survive on coffee alone, I probably would. As I sit here now, coffee beside me, typing this, I can easily agree that I would indeed go on a diet of coffee alone if it was possible.

My family and friends all know that when you drop by my house you will always find a pot brewing and ready conversation at my kitchen table. So why not advertise it on the windows, right?

These curtains originally started out for basement windows. I was in need of curtains for the summer kitchen in my basement. They have evolved into curtains to cover the windows in a standard kitchen as the beta went on for them. My testers were amazing. I wanted them to be able to enjoy them year round in their kitchens so I developed the spacer you will find in the pattern. You can make the spacers and seam them on like one of my lovely testers did, use them as a panel, or whatever you want. It’s up to you!

If you would like to make the valance wider you can do tha