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This design is dedicated to the most
mysterious and powerful animal on
planet earth, The Cobra. If you look
closely enough, this design looks like
a cobra’s head with hood expanded as
if it is ready to strike.

In Indian mythology, a cobra is wound
around God Shiva’s neck so that he
doesn’t swallow the poison that he
drunk during the Manthan. God Vishnu
sits on a seven headed cobra. There is
even a festival celebrated in India
called “Naag Panchmi”.

Apart from mythology, I’ve always been
fascinated with this animal mainly due
to the fact that I have had cobra in
my dreams millions of time. So,
subconsciously, I created a design
that would fit around the neck just
like Shiva.

If you love cowls & a lot of texture,
this design is just for you. Enjoy!!!

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Independent Designer
Mamta Motiyani
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