Filey Socks


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Independent Designer
Marta Poling
Downloadable PDF


This includes instructions and charts for toe up and cuff down socks.
This is for the intermediate knitter.
Sport weight yarn may also be used, as long as the gauge matches.

A friend wondered where all the names came from for my patterns. Here's the story, just in case you're wondering, too.

Ni chaithfidh tú críochnú a chur ar gach obair
(you don't have to finish every job)
Several years ago my father handed me a small bundle of documents and photographs. He knew I was interested in our family history and thoughtfully compiled all the work his aunt had already completed. It was impressive. She managed to link us, through a marriage and a quasi-recognized birth, to James V of Scotland and recorded the first Clark in our family as arriving in the Colonies somewhere around 1690. By coincidence, I had been asked to construct a pair of wedding kilthose for a friend. Of course, I would bring all these things together into these patterns. I was struck with the notion tha