Short row knitting

It's week 3 of Indie June. Nikki Poulton guides us through short rows: a fabulous essential technique for your knitting toolbox. To celebrate, Nikki will be chatting to the wonderful hat designer Woolly Wormhead who explains why she's a big fan of the short row in her knitting.

Short Row Knitting

Short rows are well named - they are rows where you don't knit to the end before turning. This allows for shaping within your knitting, so that your garments and accessories fit better.

I had never heard of a short row when I first came across one in a pattern. When I came to the instruction to 'wrap and turn' I stared at the pattern, then at my knitting. Surely I wasn't supposed to just stop here and go back?! I was barely halfway through the row! As with most techniques, a little research revealed that it was actually quite straightfoward and I watched in awe as the top of the sweater I was knitting curved neatly into a yoke that fit me perfectly.

Shawls with short rows are some of my favorite things to knit - seeing the shape develop, watching how the short rowing affects the color transitions. The possibilities are endless. But short rows can be found in pretty much any item you knit, particularly in sweaters to create well-fitting and chic FOs.

Shape of you

If you've never short rowed, you're probably thinking that only knitting part of a row is madness. But trust me, once you see them in action, you'll be a convert too.

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