Hopi Shalako Maiden Cradle Doll Pillow


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Independent Designer
Sharon and Kimberly
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Hopi Shalako Maiden Cradle Doll Pillow

18” x 18”

4 oz. Black
4 oz. White
4 oz. Turquoise
4 oz. Red
4 oz. Gray

Size H 5.0 mm Hook

Total Yardage: 1050

Shalako Mana or Shalako Maiden Kachina which appeared in prehistoric ladder dance with cloud symbols in tableta (headdress) and body covered with eagle feathers and a wedding robe. Cradle Doll Kachinas were made on flat pieces of wood about 3" wide and 6 to 8" long. They were painted to represent the more elaborate Kachina dolls given to older children to teach them the significance of the various Kachinas.

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