How to purl a row

Most knitting is made up from knit and purl stitches. In this video we’ll show you how to purl, which will open up a world of new stitches as you progress!

Here’s how you do it

  1. Insert the tip of the right needle down and through the loop, then pull it up so it crosses in front of the left needle, from back to front.
  2. Hold onto the needles where they cross with the left hand needle.
  3. Take the yarn forward and wrap it behind the front right needle.
  4. Draw the tip of the right needle back through the stitch on the left needle, together with the looped yarn.
  5. Slip the original stitch off the left needle. You have now completed a purl stitch.
  6. Repeat, in and up, round, down and off.
  7. Complete the row purling each stitch.
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