How To Knit

Have you always wanted to learn to knit but don’t know where to start? Looking to gain some new skills? Have no fear, our video tutorials are here. Choose from basic how-tos to advanced tips and tricks. Ready, set, knit!


Beginner Videos

If you’re a first time knitter, we’ve got the perfect selection of fun video tutorials to get you started. We’ll show you the ropes, (ahem... yarns), from casting off to crafting your very first baby hat.

Intermediate Videos

Our step-by-step tutorials are perfect for the intermediate knitter looking to get creative with their crafts. If you have the basics down, this is the where the real fun begins!

Advanced Videos

Time to color your world! In our final selection of fun learn to knit videos we’ll guide your masterful fingers through the wonders of knitting stripes and the magnificence of Fair Isle.