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This slightly larger than half-hexagonal shawl is worked from the neck down and features a wide slip-stitch patterned band at the hem. The shawl begins with a garter-tab and is worked with y/o increases in pie-shaped segments in the MC to the bottom border. A second CC is used to work a slip-stitch/mosiac pattern. The sample used less than 1 full skein of the MC (yellow) and slightly less than a 1/2-skein of the CC (blue).

Immortalized in a colorful bust in Berlin’s Neuses Museum, Nefertiti was the Great Royal Wife of Pharaoh Akhenaton. She and her husband ruled under the power of one god, Aten, the sun god, which was a marked shift from the multitheistic worship of Egypt prior to their reign. Much of her history is shrouded in mystery as the couple fell from favor amongst the people, but there is some suggestion Nefertiti ruled in her own right following the death of her husband, and before the ascension of Tutankhamen to the throne of Upper and Lower Egypt.

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Anne Podlesak
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