Pansy scarf with Feather-and-Fan edgings


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Pansy scarf with Feather-and-Fan scalloped edging at each end.

The scarf in the photograph was knitted in black cashmere with the pansies in pale mauve, mauve-blue, pink-mauve, dark mauve, purple-blue, plum, dark damson and dark grey 4ply wool. The pansies were knitted using the intarsia method.

The pansy part of the scarf is made one piece and then folded lengthwise and seamed together along one side so that the scarf is double-thickness and the right side of the flowers show on both sides of the scarf.

After completing the knitting, the scarf is folded and the long edges and ends are sewn together. The Feather-and-Fan scalloped edging is knitted separately and then sewn onto the scarf at each end.

The scarf is approximately 5” wide and 70” long, measured from each end of the Feather-and-Fan scalloped edging.

The pattern consists of typed instructions plus graph charts. The pansies are the right way up along the first half of the scarf and upside-down on the sec