A Guide to Knitting Stitches

Don’t get stitched up, instead glide through our stitching video tutorials without a hitch.Whether you are knitting a classic stockinette, mastering the moss stitch, or grafting a perfect kitchener seam, we have some simple step-by-step guides to help you along the way.

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Knit stitch

The stitch that launched a thousand knitters...The knit stitch, also known as the garter stitch, is one of the essential elementary stitches. Managing to be both sturdy and supple, the knit stitch involves knitting every row, creating a fabric that can be used to make anything from hats, scarves, blankets and beyond. This is where your knitting journey begins!

Ready to get started? Jump over to our step by step tutorial that will guide your fingers through the essential first steps!

Garter stitch

The garter stitch is the perfect beginner stitch which sees the knit stitch repeated on every row. This produces a gorgeous wavy texture that is versatile and easy to create, perfect for beautiful basics from accessories and toys to homeware!

Want to jump on the knitting train today? Watch our easy video tutorial , where we’ll take you through step-by-step!

Purl stitch

Got into the rhythm of the knit stitch? Then you’re ready to purl. The purl stitch is very similar to its basic buddy knit stitch, except when purling you hold the yarn in front of your knitting needle instead of the back. Purl and knit, work beautifully together to create a simple and elegant fabric that can be found in most patterns.

Why not head over to our video tutorial so you can purl your first stitch today!


K2tog, which simply means ‘knit two together’, describes the basic technique of knitting two stitches together (just like the name suggests!). The k2tog produces a right slanting decrease, perfect for reducing the number of stitches on your row and is one of the foundational skills to master on your way to becoming a stitch supremo!

Learn the ropes today by heading over to our handy video tutorial.


P2tog is the fancy abbreviation for purl two together, the basic technique of purling two stitches together so they become one, resulting in a decrease.

Learn how to p2tog today by visiting our video tutorial which will help give shape to your creations.

Knitting SSK

The slip slip knit, better known as SSK, is a great way to reduce the number of stitches on your needle when knitting a row. This left-leaning decrease is super handy when shaping your garment in three easy moves.

Learn the ssk today by checking out our step-by-step video tutorial.

Slip stitch

The slip stitch is a ninja move that involves passing a stitch from one needle to another without knitting it, which is useful for creating firm edges, and pattern detail.

To learn how to slip the first stitch, head over to our step-by-step how-to knit video tutorial.

Seed stitch

So called because of its gorgeous scattered-seed like texture the seed stitch (US) is a wholesome favourite in the knitting world, creating deliciously textured fabric perfect for any knitting project (Psst Brits call this stitch the moss stitch, so it’s always good to double check your pattern so you don’t get yourself in a knot!)

Like to try out the seed stitch for yourself? Visit our step-by-step video tutorial.

Kitchener stitch

The Kitchener stitch, also known as grafting, is a finishing technique where two sets of live stitches are joined together seamlessly. Follow our step by step tutorial to learn how to graft your seams with confidence.

Learn how to knit the kitchener stitch by watching our online tutorial.

If you're interested in the history of how this particular stitch got its name, we have just the blog for you!

Stockinette stitch

Some say basic, we say classic. The stockinette stitch sees knit and purl rows alternate to create a material so cosy and versatile it can be used for pretty much anything, from hats to socks, blankets to scarves.

Want to learn the stockinette stitch? Visit our video tutorial for our easy step-by-step guide.

Moss stitch

The American moss stitch, called the Double Moss Stitch in the UK, is a sister to the seed stitch, known around town for her jazzier graphic stitch pattern and deeper texture. Knit and purl sequences switch up every two rows producing a heavenly material that is both stylish and satisfying.

Come on over to our blog where we show you how to create a moss stitch with Anna Nikipirowicz.

Linen stitch

Dense and detailed, the lovely linen stitch is delicate to look at yet deceptively sturdy. With its woven-like texture this stitch is warm and snuggly, plus an elegant way to embellish your basics.

Learn to knit the linen stitch with our step-by-step video tutorial.

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