Kate N

map-pin United Kingdom

Learned to knit through many patient hours sat with my mam as she tirelessly picked up the stitches I lost, or fixed the numerous stitches I seemed to pick up.....Bless her!
Now I seem to just knit small quick projects, usually handwarmers as they make excellent gifts, hats for myself and my daughter and I always seem to be knitting cleaning cloths - they're just far to pretty to use to do the cleaning though!
I also spend a lot of time reading books, and can often be found with my Kindle perched on my knee as I try to follow a knitting pattern.

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  • Knitting10 Skills

    Knitting: Over 10 years

    10 Skills

    • Cast on & bind off
    • Knit and purl stitches
    • Simple increase & decrease
    • Picking up stitches
    • Double knitting
    • Ribbed
    • Garter
    • Stocking
    • Slipped stitches
    • Cables
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