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In October 2016, I read an article in the New York Times about knitting and the Ravelry website. The physician who wrote the article told how relaxing it is to correspond with knitters and to browse patterns, yarns and tools. I set off on this new passion October 25, 2016, with my first order of needles and yarn, not knowing the many humorous and inconvenient mistakes I would make.
I did not know how knitting patterns were packaged, which led to a an extended correspondence Svetlana L at LoveKnitting, who was kind, patient and generous for 18 days about my inquiry re: a pattern I believed I had not received. Then I discovered the pattern in my recycling pile, protected by a white cardboard I had misinterpreted as a package stiffener. And Svetlana still was kind, patient and encouraging.
I have made my first pattern - for a dishcloth. I call it "Dilletante" because it is beautiful but of dubious utility due to the thick and thin yarn I used, which needs to dry flat.

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  • Knitting15 Skills

    Knitting: 1 to 2 years

    15 Skills

    • Cast on & bind off
    • Knit and purl stitches
    • Simple increase & decrease
    • Picking up stitches
    • Garter
    • Stocking
    • Slipped stitches
    • Knitting in the round
    • Double knitting
    • Ribbed
    • I-cord
    • Cables
    • Tubular cast on/off
    • Short rows
    • Lace Work
  • Crochet3 Skills

    Crochet: I don't crochet

    3 Skills

    • Chain
    • Beading
    • Single crochet
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