Selver C

map-pin Tatura, Australia

I taught myself, explored with stitches and made thousands of projects mostly donated and never thought to take photos of. I'm an intermediate crocheter but if I do follow patterns I can make advanced stitches.
I tried knitting twice and completed 2 projects from a pattern book I'm proud of but found it tooooooo slow for my liking.
Most of my projects are modified stitches from...
Drops designs
YouTube tutorials
Yes they are all free!!

This site has lots of yarn I purchased and they are good quality but my favourite yarns are
Panda soft 8 ply with 5mm hook
Sirdar crepe 4mm hook
Zhivargo 4.5mm hook
Acrylic 4ply and 8ply yarns
Mercerised cotton 2.5mm hook
Twilleys cotton 3mm hook

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  • Crochet17 Skills

    Crochet: Over 20 years

    17 Skills

    • Chain
    • Slip stitch
    • Single crochet
    • Double crochet
    • Afghan Stitch
    • Increase & decrease
    • Surface crochet
    • Half double crochet
    • Magic Ring
    • Front/Back post stitch
    • Double treble crochet
    • Lace Crochet
    • Treble crochet
    • Working in the round
    • Filet crochet
    • Lover's Knot/Solomon
    • Colorwork
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