Sylvia S

map-pin Los Angeles, United States

iam a very happy Grandmother of a beautiful Vincent. He likes to see me create with yarn. Of course I do other arts and crafts. I am retired. Well my Vincent will be 7 yrs. old. October 31, this year.

and I must keep myself busy. Can't stop now. I ran a Brake rebounding Company for over 20 yrs. and it very difficult to slow down. Time to change but keep moving. Well my Vincent will soon be 7 yrs. old still keeping me busy.

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  • Crochet15 Skills

    Crochet: Just starting

    15 Skills

    • Chain
    • Slip stitch
    • Single crochet
    • Double crochet
    • Afghan Stitch
    • Increase & decrease
    • Surface crochet
    • Half double crochet
    • Magic Ring
    • Colorwork
    • Front/Back post stitch
    • Double treble crochet
    • Lace Crochet
    • Working in the round
    • Lover's Knot/Solomon
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