Verdant shawl


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Embrace the abundance and luxuriance of summer with Verdant. Whether you need a shawl for a garden party outfit, or it is winter and you need a reminder of lighter days (but that will keep your neck warm against the cold), this shawl evokes that air of life in full bloom. With a sweeping “lawn” of stockinette edging and a lively two-leaf lace pattern in the centre, it ends with a border of flowers.

The stockinette portion of this shawl makes it particularly easy to wear, as it hangs beautifully around the shoulders, framing the delicate lace.

Constructed top down, this heart-shaped shawl contains a custom-designed lace pattern.

My grass-green sample is in Adriafil Classic Azzura and required just shy of 3 skeins (or 640 yds, 590 metres).

But of course it doesn't have to be green...The stunning lilac-flower version summons up the heady experience of a lilac walk in spring, and is in Cascade Yarns Heritage Solids. Test knitters also used the Cascade paints to great effect.