Wide Ruins Squaw Blanket


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Independent Designer
Sharon and Kimberly
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Wide Ruins Squaw Blanket

20” x 33”

Size H 5.0 mm Crochet Hook

8 oz. Gold
4 oz. Dark Brown
4 oz. Gray
4 oz. Off-White

Total Yardage: 1041 –1056

The Wide Ruins area of the Navajo Reservation is known for very fine weaving in all vegetal dyes. These rugs contain stripes and bands across a borderless product.  Designs normally include simplified forms of arrows, chevrons and squash blossoms.  The blending of soft colors and small intricate designs is very soothing and recognizable.

Squaw Blanket refers basically to the size of the finished product.  Weavers would often try out new ideas for designs by weaving a smaller rug which could be used around the home or traded to other weavers.  As the price of finely woven rugs increased, these smaller pieces became marketable.

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