Step 2: Working the cuff

We are now going to show you how to join the cast on stitches into a round.

  1. We are using the magic loop method, by using a long circular needle it will allow the stitches to be split in half.
  2. To get started with magic loop you need to slide the stitches onto the core and find the central point. Fold back and pull the core up at this point dividing the stitches into two. Move the stitches back up onto the needles making sure that the stitches are not twisted.
  3. Make sure the needle with the yarn attached is on the back needle.
  4. Take the stitches to the tips of the needles.
  5. You are going to use the yarn on the back needle to knit the first stitch on the front needle which will close up the loop. In order to get the needle in the position to be able to do this you need to push the stitches on the back needle down onto the core and down its length.
  6. Then the needle in the left hand is in a position to knit the first stitch on the left needle.
  7. For this sock the cuff is worked in K2, P2 rib, work the first stitch on the right hand needle, keeping the working yarn tight so there is no gap at the join.
  8. Now continue in rib over the 30 sts on the left needle finishing with K2.
  9. Holding the two needles together turn around anti-clockwise which will move the needle with the working yarn to the back again.
  10. Holding the needles together move the core down on the front needle pushing the stitches up onto the needle.
  11. Then pull the stitches on the back needle down the core so the needle is in the position to work the first stitch on the front needle. Pull tight but not too tight since the stitch is sitting on the core and not the needle.
  12. Continue in 2 & 2 rib starting with P2 rib.
  13. Working in the round work 14 more rows or to the desired length to create the cuff of the sock.

Fabulous job!

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